We guarantee:

  • Maintenance and repair of all brands
  • More than 15 years experience
  • Experts in current repair techniques

About 4SS


Our newly established company is ‘4 SNOOKER SERVICES’!

If you need the best possible service for your snooker either it is for private, club or event purposes, you really can rely on us!

Because our team contains people who have more than 15 years of experience in high end servicing snooker and billiard tables, we are sure you can be served as wished for!

No destination is too far as we already work throughout Europe and the Middle East. Any part of the world is accessible nowadays and there should be no limitation.

In short you need us ‘4 snooker services’! In a summary:

      • all types of service
      • snooker table sales
      • snooker table rental
      • consultancy
      for which can find more details further on this website:


Not convinced yet? Take a look at our references and let them speak for themselves…

If you are convinced, you need a quote or estimation of the costs for which you might need our services or input, click here and fill in the form extensively, so we can reply as detailed as possible!



you need a recover for bed and/or cushions of your snooker table? We can do this with the utmost care and best cloths currently available on the market.

Re-rubbering and/or re-blocking

has become the last few years more and more common as snooker tables are most often well built constructions that they easily survive the age of time. So renovating one of the most important parts is inevitable! As servicing company for major federations gives us the opportunity to be both updated and equipped to obtain the proper specifications!

Levelling and repairs

of all kind is standard in our packages, if out of general usage. Other specialized repairs or handlings will always be discussed prior to execution. So no surprises when the invoice is presented

Installing and consultancy

is a service we mainly provide for federations, club owner or exhibition. For private owners this is yet again standard when a table is to be moved or installed!

Sales of snooker tables

and/or related parts and equipment we can lead you to a webshop soon, which we offer our services exclusively for.

Snooker table renting

for events like tournaments, fairs or exhibitions is an extra feature which differs us from others. Our huge experience in this area is shown in the section references. Quick and quality is most often required which we can deliver without comparison…




Great deals, good stuff for snooker lovers...


Loads of snookerfans try at home or in social clubs to have a snooker table installed
Often they will be served by our team, as well as from scratch or even when they already own a table.

Used, renovated or new snooker tables it doesn't make any difference. We can do it ALL, deliver, restore, install and finish.

Clubs, whether they are commercial or not, lean quite often on our services. Not only because our knowledge, but also for the skills and speed, which play part. Tables used at those locations, are bound to be able to be rented as much as possible!

Federations and/or events need more like a good marriage between speed and accuracy which our teams are famous and honoured for all around! With pride we can call ourselves designated service supplier for WorldSnooker, WPBSA, WSF and EBSA, just to keep it with only the bigger federations.


Also broadcasters find their path towards our existence. Most of this display was for Belgian National channels, but also in Germany, Israel, Malta and most recently Portugal they broadcasted snooker which was installed by us. As well as Eurosport who covers WorldSnooker events, which we hosted in Belgium for example.

Private customers

for a significant amount of players we are their service supplier at home or their social of private club. just like for commercial clubs, these customers are to be found all over Europe and even the Middle-East. these are not always or only the better players, but also fanatic and recreative snooker loving people!

Private customers

Club Services

in every European country there are many clubs served by our company, which call us over and over again to give their customers and/or members the best playing conditions possible.

Club Services

Events & Projects

in the past 10 years we had a hand in many projects, both as promotor, subcontractors or even managed entirely by us.
for WorldSnooker we serviced in Portugal (PTC), Latvia, Germany (EPTC, PTC, Challenge Tour and PHC), Czech Republic (EPTC), Belgium (EPTC, PTC, Challenge tour and European Masters), Bulgaria (PTC), Hungary (Challenge Tour...

Events & Projects


If the standard inquiry form cannot describe your needs or question please send an email to: info@4ss.be